Shouldn’t I have `Nice Share` Badge?

I have 2 posts with 25+ visitors (each one is a unique one right?). Shouldn’t I have the Nice Share badge? It requires 25+ unique visitors.



Also why do people have multiple of/ the badge but most of the links don’t even have 25+ clicks.


The Nice Share badge is not for link clicks. That’s the Popular Link badge. The Nice Share badge is meant for when you share a post with a share link and 25 unique people use that share link to get to your post (at least that’s what I think)

You can generate a share link by using the link icon at the bottom right corner of the post:


Then, whenever someone (not you) clicks or visits the share link, it counts as one share, which gives you progress towards the Nice Share badge.

Hope this helped!

Also, could you add the tag forum-feedback?


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