Should we have custom badges?

Now that we have the ability to grant badges based on a custom SQL query we can have a lot more custom badges without Ian needing to do a bunch of work to avoid the SQL. This topic on meta has a lot of cool badge queries we can use. Some of my favorites are Top x% poster, Read for x time and liked post by a member of x group (can be used in #bug-reports with mods and/or Replit staff).

There are a lot of others! Share your feedback and if you have any queries please share!


This is excellent work @not-ethan and I think we can go for some obscure but cool criteria e.g.

  • Twins : users who are online and posting at the same time
  • Hitting the target : user who responds to a post which takes overall response to 100% on the site

Good idea. I think the posts should be made with in 5 min so its not too hard. And I will need somebody else to make the SQL since I don’t know a single piece of syntax in SQL.

And if you want me to add any of those to the bot just tell me


What exactly do you mean by this?

2 people that are online on Ask at the same time and also post at the same time


What time frame would be the same time? A minute, 30 secs? Because posting can take a few seconds.

I agree I suggested a 5 min cool down before

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Five minutes sounds like a whole to be honest, I dunno though.

I could always be runing multiple queries and logging the data for each and decide from there

I don’t get it, what do you mean overall response?


Sounds great, I’d say maybe a bug hunter badge!


For the entire site e.g. the person who replies to the only remaining unanswered topic gets a badge.

I’m just trying to think of obscure but interesting challenges for writing the database queries. These aren’t definite badges, just musings!


Great idea. You’d probably get it instantly @hugoondev ! :smiley:


Thats impossible. There are already so many unanswered topics so this would never be awarded.

I like it. I suggested it in the OP