Should be blocked if students are using Firewalled Replit?

Should be blocked if students are using Firewalled Replit? Our students are using but it seems that some of their Replit web links still contain references to “” which is blocked. We don’t want the students accessing games and open proxies but I believe they still have access to some if we don’t block “” along with “”. Some of the Replit docs say block “” while other docs say you don’t have to. Is it safe to allow access to “” or not?

Also, why isn’t the site using site instead of

Also, I was reading in a separate posting “they (Replit) have discontinued support for schools”, is that true or are they just talking about Team support?


Hey @WilliamRodewald welcome to the forums!

You don’t need to worry about, Replit has removed hosting for that and can’t be accessed unless the creator has made a Deployment (which aren’t common for proxies, I haven’t seen any myself). Replit has moved to which can only be accessed in the editor, people can Fork a Repl to access it but if you block that link students can’t create web Repls (websites) but if you are fine with that you can block the domain.

Replit has deprecated Teams for EDU and are no longer giving it updates, they have said they are removing it around August of this year (2024), it might change, but I don’t know.

I hope this helps!


Highly unlikely as they have already stopped all support for this, and removed the creation of new teams.