Should I have the Empathetic badge?

Should I have had the Empathetic badge? According to the requirements:

500 liked posts

I have 657 recieved likes.

1000 or more likes in return

I have given 1.5k likes.

1 Like

You have posts with more than 1 like so you have less than 500 unique posts that have atleast one like


Is there a way to check how many liked posts a user has?


Not really, all you can do is manually search for their posts and count them until you get to to the zero-like posts

This is also the same reason why I don’t have Gives Back, I have 180 likes, but not 100 liked posts


Yes. You can download all your data on this page

Then in the the user_archive.csv file there is a list of all posts then you can sort by likes and stuff.


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