Should I Change Prices For My Commissions

Making my commissions free could be hard for the future of Website Commissions. Since many people would jump to it and it is a lot of work for just myself, and I might possibly would have to cut people from getting a website. So I am asking what would you like? This is a suggestion and I might change prices not from the people.

Should I change the price of my website commissions (they are currently free)
  • Keep it FREE
  • Change it (suggest in the comments)
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Depending of difficulty.
For example, a simple blog could be done with a free trial system, but more advanced projects might need negotiation.

Request Price
Simple Personal Website Free (1st time)
Blog/Chat App Low
More logic-based tasks Medium
Complex infrastructure Contact Support

@python660 I’ll think about that. Nice suggestion! It would definitely make it easier on me.


I think this is a good idea, but you might need a resume or something to show your past work, before you want to start paid work


I think I am going to do pricing like @python660 said and wait to do that until I have more work experience to show like @ParanormalCoder said (Probably when I finish 5 commissions in total, I have done 1 and am almost done with the second). Thanks to everyone for their help! (I see that most people chose free, sorry but I would probably not be able to handle that, but when new pricing comes there will be 1 free portfolio.)