Should I change my current username?

As I said in the title i’m thinking of changing my username to Johnteger (Johnny + Integer a ‘pun’ generated by an AI or if anyone has any other ideas) because my current username (Johnny) just seems a bit to generic and boring. I want to change it soon before it’s to late and i’m just wondering if it’s a good idea to change it because I have a few projects named after my current user like JohnnySites or JohnnyWord (but I could change the names)

If anyone has any better ideas i’d love to hear them!

(Just to be clear I mean the circled name)


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I don’t know of any plans Replit has to take away that option.

It’s up to you. It won’t effect much of anything.


@JohnnySuriano Your intials are JS which is also the shortened version of JavaScript, so you could do something JS_pUtSoMeThInGhErE


I don’t think Replit is ever going to remove the ability to change your display name.


Maybe something like a mixture of you favorite languages and your name maybe something like JohnnyScripter.

My ideas would be cringier than any AI.

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Mine would be like Henry++ or something which is terrible.

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Sounds more like a programming language then a username