Should I be able to see console on the bottom right of my screen?

I’m a beginner, and I’m doing a coding course. I keep reading everywhere that I should be able to access a console in replit… but I can’t find it or any setting that seems to turn it on.

It seems to be the same on all the repls I use, but right now I’m using this one on Chrome on Windows 10:

I figured it out.

First, the repl needs to be forked, before it can be edited.

Then, on the top right of the webview pane there is a wrench icon which toggles on developer tools, where you can find console.

Not obvious at first, but the input section is right at the bottom of the console.


Hey, welcome to Replit Ask. The repl is an HTML repl so you have to find console in dev tools. For other repls (I don’t know which ones) there is a console section which is easier to find.

Looks like you already figured it out, so can you mark the answer as Solution?

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