Shocking Auto Complete Issue

One of my students was using the Python editor in a classroom with me to learn some basics, print and input.
He had made an error and attempted to retype the print line.
The autocomplete tool prompted him with the option
print(“Hello n****”)
As you can imagine I was quite shocked that this could even be a suggestion and fell compelled to report this.
I assume I will receive a response via this community. I would prefer a response to my account email as well please.


Hey @neilireland welcome to the forums!

Do you know what your student had said previously before the Autocomplete fixed the error? This might be what caused the Autocomplete to say something questionable.


It’s just the model. It does some really weird stuff. Even GitHub Copilot does this though. I typed “never” and it finished it with “never gonna give you up”.


Usually models like this are trained on a very wide dataset so it’s not too surprising given the context. Also, is it a different inappropriate word that you are referring to because n***** has 6 letters? Also, did your student type

print(“Hello n”)

before they were given this suggestion?


The alt. version has 5 letters.


sorry didn’t know that

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Hi all

Thanks for your replies.

The student had meant to type (“Hello”, name)

Before the autocomplete kicked in before the student closed the quotes!

Just to clarify the variation of the word has 2 gs and an “a” not er!

Not ideal when the student could easily have taken it personally, being as they are a person of colour.

Just thought it was worth flagging.

Thanks anyway


Remember you can turn off AI autocomplete in the editor settings if the student doesn’t want it to happen again or something.