Shell in Console

If you guys remember, you used to be able to run Shell commands in the Console, so when the new Console got added, a bunch of users (including myself) got a bit annoyed that it didn’t work anymore.

Even though you can get a similar result when using Prybar templates, some languages didn’t have a Prybar equivalent and defaulted to showing the Shell after.

So uh, I did some silly stuff and now boom, we have Shell in Console again


How do you add it to any Repl?


I edited my .replit file so that my original run command became:

run = 'bun index.ts; PS1="\e[0;33m \e[0m" sh'

Obviously you’d replace bun index.ts with your original run command.

If you don’t mind the prompt glyph appearing in the Shell aswell, you can change this command to:

run = 'bun index.ts; source .config/bashrc; sh';

And then edit your Repl’s bashrc (found in .config/bashrc, what a sight) to include:

export PS1="\e[0;33m \e[0m";

I should also put this out there this only works on Replit, as the prompt glyph is part of their patched Hack Mono font, so unless you install the font onto your PC and use it for your terminal, you won’t have any luck by adding the export statement to your personal bashrc.