Sharing projects with another teacher, but no files attached

I have set up a load of projects that I wanted to share with other teachers in my organisation. I used the share projects tool, selected the projects that I wanted to share, created the link and send it off to my colleague.

My colleague clicks the link, sees the project titles and adds them to his own team.

The problem is that the copied projects are blank - the only thing they have inherited are the project names and nothing else - no code, no files (this is important for us), no solutions.

We made sure we are part of the same organisation, admins of the same teams.

Is something broken, are we doing something wrong or is this intended behaviour?

Hi @dvimalanathan thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

I think this sounds similar to Copying a Python repl produces Blank repl at destination - can you confirm this please?

Sounds kind of similar, except that the other teacher is not copying from their own teams, but rather from a shared project link that I generated as well as copying from a shared Team from the same organisation. Hope that makes sense.

We tried it the other way around - me copying from his team - this time the code copied over, but none of the supporting files (txt, pdf etc)

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Hey @dvimalanathan!

We recently fixed a related issue with copying projects resulting in blank projects. Please let me know if you’re still seeing the issue.