Share your feedback on notifications!

Hi teachers!

We’d love to hear your feedback on Replit’s notifications system (in-site).

Some questions to consider:

  • Are they too noisy? Not noisy enough?
  • Are they targeted enough? i.e. Are you getting notified for the things you want to be? Are there important updates you’re not getting notified for?
  • Do you check the bell icon for notifications or do you expect them in your email inbox?

Thanks so much!

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Just to clarify notifications on the main site and not the forums.

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I dont think they are too noisy. But I get 1 notification every few months so I don’t need to really deal with them.

I get a lot of student submissions on a daily basis so the bell icon isn’t useful for me. I occasionally check though it to see if a student started a thread but other than that I just mark them all as read. I don’t use email notifications since I check Replit everyday.

I check for new submissions using the Project Overview. It’s easier that way to ensure I don’t miss any submissions. It’s still a bit of a hassle though since I have to manually look through the grid for the yellow icons among the sea of green and blue icons. I wish I could just use CTRL-F to spot them.

Notifications would be helpful if we could decide what to get notified on. I would like to enable notifications for things I can’t find anywhere else (e.g. students starting or replying to threads) and I would like to disable them for things that just clutter my inbox (e.g. publishing projects, updating projects, and student submissions).

It would also be great if notifications that link to the same page were grouped. I publish my units one at a time and each project sends a notification to me and my students, and they all link to the Team page. Instead it would be nice to get one notification saying how many new projects were just published in the Team. When I leave feedback via threads, my students get one notification per thread. If I make 10 threads in one project then the get 10 notifications as opposed to one notification saying there are 10 new threads.

Lastly, there is still a bug where editing a project though the editing pane sends a notification saying the project is published even though it was already published. The editing pane is the only way to edit a due date so every time I edit a due date it sends the incorrect notification to my students.

On a side note, I also occasionally get notifications from Teams that I am not a part of. I have never joined some of these Teams and have no affiliation with them.

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I agree with @MissStrong: I don’t use the notifications as the submission stuff swarms it. If I could limit it to just the threads, I would use them as a “hands up” feature for students who might be too shy to ask for help in person could start a thread discreetly. Since I don’t currently find them useful, I don’t use the email feature if there is one, but it would be useful if it sent summaries to notification categories I turn on.

I think students getting notified of projects being published is useful for my students.


I agree that it can be useful for students to be notified when projects are published, but it clutters their inbox when I release a unit at a time (10 or so projects) and they get a separate notification for each one instead of just one notification that says how many new projects there are. Also, the individual notifications all link to the Team instead of the specific project so I don’t see any UX benefit to them being separate.

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Something to consider is how could notifications be improved to improve your teaching workflow? If you’re not using them to support your teaching then what would allow that?


Am I missing something?

If a student asks a question by starting an annotation thread, it seems to take ages to show up as a notification - far too long to be useful for immediate feedback. Seems to make the thread feature not very useful in practice except for asynchronous questions.


Hi Sean. I’ve got notifications in Chrome turned on for Replit so when any threads are posted it instantly displays in the bottom corner of my screen.

However I agree that the bell took slightly longer to highlight (but only by 20-30 seconds) and I didn’t get notification of this on the screen.


Let me know if turning on Chrome notifications helps address this issue!

All the best, Ian