Share replit link

Hi! i cant manage to make my replit link being up and running so others can see it.
Something about settings?
would love to get some help thru discord.


Hey @anojom1! Welcome to the community…

Replit is currently having issues with repls booting.
Watch Here for updates from their status page.

Good luck!

Hey, @anojom1 welcome to the forums!

Are you passing invite on the top right of the editor? And invites are disabled for Teams for EDU. And like @JaceBillingsley said Replit is currently having probly so that could be the cause

@not-ethan I believe they meant the link to access the repl. <repl>.<user> Could be totally wrong though.

Can anyone take a look at it with me tho? i have never coded be4 and this is so annoying.

Welcome to the forums!

If you’re still experiencing issues, the link to the Repl that you’re having trouble with would help us aid you.

Hello there, @anojom1. welcome to the replit ask neighborhood, In any case, are you planning to publish your repl?