Share a repl with anonymous users for collaborative editing

I need to share a link to my repl so another user can edit it collaboratively with me. I do this once in a while, and with a different user each time.

As of now, it seems that the other user needs to have a replit account for this to work. Is there a feature where I can share my repl with a private link, and allow anonymous users to edit it collaboratively?

If compute load is an issue, then perhaps execution for the repl can be available to my replit account only. So I need to explicitly run the repl, and the anonymous user can only edit it.

Is this feature available and/or being planned?


Hi @SigmaG for security reasons this would not be allowed and it has been a long time (perhaps a year?) since anything like this was available.

Can you explain why you need anonymous users to be able to edit your Repl?


Hi @IanAtCSTeach thanks for your response. The anonymously editable setting would be optional. For example, Google Docs has a share setting that allows anonymous users to edit the repl provided they have the link to the document:


(general access → Any Internet user with the link can edit it)

repls also have a similar setting. Now, the difference between the two is that:

Google Docs allows anonymous users to edit the document. But, the repls require signing up for a replit account to start editing the repl. This is the difference I am trying to resolve.

I hope my request is clearer now.

Hi @SigmaG yes you can share private join links but the users must have a Replit account to access any Repl.

Allowing anonymous access would be a security risk.

Right now free teams have a set number of 10 members, 1 active editor. Paid option has $15/member, & all members can edit.

Implementing the above suggested feature would make a more open source contribution environment, such as Github, Gitlabs, Bitbucket, etc.
Open Source Repl feature:

  • any Repl account can edit an Open Source Repl, without needing an invite.
  • contribution by other Repl accounts will be logged, but will not count towards the official team membership.

And it would allow some random person on Replit to turn your nice little project into a major virus and get it blocked on Replit, brick the Repl, and maybe get somebody banned. There are plenty of ways for malicious users to take advantage of a Repl open to the public for edit access.


That’s why I said “any ‘Repl account’ can edit” & contribution “will be Logged”. It is to give credit where credit is due, including for malicious code.

Wait so, do you want to allow people without accounts to be able to edit or not?

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The OP (@SigmaG) does want to allow unregistered people to be able to edit. Personally, I think it would it would create a lack of accountability, and therefore suggested a modification to @SigmaG 's idea.

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Okay, but maybe don’t call it “Open Source Repl”