SFML not working on replit?

Question: is replit broken

Current behavior: SFML just randomly stopped working

Repl link: https://replit.com/@DuckProductios/Necropole-1

Would you mind elaborating on what “SFML” is?

It is a c++ library that handles graphics, sound, some memory and much more.
It used to work for me.
I believe it is not an error from my part but rather on replit’s side.

What kind of error are you having?

Is there any message? What is the actual behaviour and how did it work before? (Step-by-Step)

That sounds like a lot. Are you referring to it working on your local computer but not on replit?

the program works on my computer in visual studio but not on replit. I get no errors and it just stopped working from one day to the next without me changing anything.

If the program only works in visual studio on your computer, it might be a compatibility issue, as repls (most likely) aren’t running on the same hardware and software as your computer.