SFML for c++ Stopped working on 4/5/23

Problem description:
whenever i try to run just the basic SFML program, SFML tells me “Failed to open X11 display; make sure the DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly”. It was working just last night so i don’t know if a new update is causing this.

Expected behavior:

SFML should be able to initialize and produce a window inside the “Output” tab

Actual behavior:
no window is created, instead SFML logs an error and the program stops

Steps to reproduce:

run any SFML code on replit.com

Bug appears at this link:



Browser is Google Chrome running on a Chromebook with ChromeOS.

replit is my favorite tool to use in school because we cannot download any software on the chromebooks. It is the best online ide i have found. I was so excited when i found out i can use sfml in replit and it would be awesome if this could get fixed.

Welcome to the community! Replit is currently experiencing a major outage of graphics functionality and many Repls have been affected. For more details, visit https://status.replit.com/.


This has been resolved! https://status.replit.com/notices/3wmftmyze3dvdcjw-vnc-repl-boot-issue


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