Several problems getting started

  • I’ve had an organization on for several years, but I don’t know if it’s registered as an Educational organization. How can I find out?
  • When I set up a team, a project within a team, and an input/output test, I can’t find the link to view it as a student.
  • So I created a new test student and made that test student a part of the team. As a test student, I submitted a solution. Then, as the instructor, I could see my test student’s work, but I don’t see any auto-grading result.
  • Finally, I’d like to add unit tests. Is there a way to do this in an HTML, CSS, JS repl, or do I have to create a Node.js repl? If I have to create a Node.js repl, how can I do this so that I’m testing on the HTML/JavaScript part of the submission? (I need very detailed instructions.)
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Hi @bburd welcome to the community and apologies for the delay in responding to this. For some reason it didn’t come up on my new posts list.

The best way to view a team as a student is to create a second account and add yourself to the team. I do this to check that my units are set up correctly but also so I can demonstrate the process to my students.

If you can manage the users of your organisation from the Teams page then it will be set up as an educational organisation as far as I know.

Regarding the auto-grading result, can you post a video showing what you are trying to do? Are you looking at the summary page for example?

Unit testing is only available for Java, Python and Node.JS languages. Please see for more details.

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