Setting Replit profile picture from a URL

Is it possible, on Ask or Replit mainsite (or preferably both) for me to set my profile picture from a URL? This would allow me to change it or even randomize it. I know that GQL allows you to change your profile picture but I don’t know GQL and don’t want to get in trouble for using it. Please just tell me my options (none?).

I don’t think so. I have never seen a website that lets you set your pfp from a url.

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This is not a feature in Replit but if you want to make one, Theres an App named Gravatar which lets you set your profile image and then you can get his profile picture by using the url<md5 decoded version of the user's email>

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I think I could wip up some GQL at some point but as I’ve said for a lot of projects: yeah I’m busy so it’ll be a few weeks :frowning:

I looked at the requests Replit was making and it looks like you can do this by:

  1. Converting the image to a base64 jpeg data URL, 125x125px
  2. Uploading the image (
    And yes I already tried using a normal image jpeg URL instead of a base64 data URL and I got a 400 “Unsupported image type”
  3. Using GQL to set the “profileImageId” based on the response from #2 (updateCurrentUser)

I don’t want to get banned so find the specific details yourselves or PM me if you really want to

As for Ask I got lost at the upload step. I have no idea where the request is that uploads the image… You could use Gravatar like @MatanFromRoblox said

We could probably make this into a (probably bannable) website
I’m up for creating a bounty for everything except the actual GQL lol

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All I know is download the image.


Gravatar is used by some popular websites like GitHub, Wordpress, Shopify and some more

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