September 2021 Updates

Hi Teachers,

Fall is upon us and we are so excited to share some new features and goodies with you. Plus, read on for how to get extra Replit support during this busy time. We’ve got your back!

What’s New?

:books: The Replit Curriculum Hub has launched! Read all about how you can quickly peruse projects, lesson plans, instructions, and tests, then plug them right into your own Teams here.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: There’s a new Teams for Education interface in town! You can now define units from your Team homepage and drag and drop projects to organize them.

:dancing_women: With Fall in full force, we’ll be offering live Office Hours twice a week throughout September so that you can get the help you need! Come to ask questions, chat, and meet other teachers. Always free.

:chart_with_downwards_trend: We’ve been working on performance improvements to make your coding experience faster and more stable. Teams for Education are now 20% faster than before!

:us: Replit is partnering with the Congressional App Challenge to increase Computer Science literacy among youth in the U.S. Get involved by registering for the Challenge, tuning into our joint webinar, or signing up for mentor sessions with Replit’s own engineers.

Let us know all the creative ways you’ve applied these updates in your classrooms by tagging us on Twitter @Replit!

What’s coming up?

  • We’re phasing Team Repls out! Here’s what you need to know:
    • In case you’re not familiar, these are repls within a Team for Edu that are both viewable and editable to all team members. While open-ended and flexible, they are also risky for teachers who are concerned about academic integrity, so we are going to remove them while we continue to work on more granular repl sharing settings.
    • Here’s a video on some other tips and tricks for using Teams for Edu without Team Repls. (Shoutout to Dave Sutton for contributing his admin-only Team solution!)
    • Users who still want to use Team Repls can go through the My Repls page and locate their Team Repls within their team folder.
    • You can now fork Team Repls into Team Projects using our CLUI tool!! Watch the video explainer here.
    • If you are using Team Repls as your primary workflow, we’ll set you up with a free subscription to Teams Pro Alpha to continue using Team Repls unimpeded.
  • Still need access to your Replit Classroom materials? Be sure to email us at before November 1 to export or migrate them into a Team before.
  • :books: We are updating the pay structure for Teams for Education. You can find more details here.

We love to hear from you! Ask questions and leave feedback here, join our online community, or email us at

Happy coding!


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