Sending Sound Notification

I Suggest To Play Sound Notification When Someone Replies The Author Post

@BlueFlameIsHere in Replit Ask? If so that could get annoying with the dings.

It Will Make The User pay Attention To Know

@BlueFlameIsHere i already do, I see a blue number and I click on it.

But When You Switch The Tab To Another Tab You Can’t Know

@BlueFlameIsHere i check back frequently. Most people here do to.

Ok , But It’s Only Suggestion.

@BlueFlameIsHere the tab name changes to add (#ofNotifactions). So you can see it. If this were to happen would there be a way to turn the ding off?

Yes, You Can Switch The Notification On Or Off From notifications If This Feature is added.

Interface Preferences



@QwertyQwerty88 yeah i told him about that.

Not really.

Not by default.

Yes, I know, But The Sound Notification Will make The User Pay More Attention To See The Notification.

Also you can enable notifications for your browser. It seems to be kinda buggy though.


I Already Enabled it, But Sometimes I Don’t Notice About notifications.


Regardless of existing features, if you want this, you’d most likely need to request it on Discourse Meta, as Replit are not the people who developed this forum.