Sending Mail directly from replit

Hello, lately ive been exploring some replit templates, I’ve saw a template named ghost, it allows you to create a blog website.
When i tried it, it was able to send me Signups emails for new members directly from the repl
Now, i didn’t really understand how it worked, since replit isn’t allowing to send mail directly without an external STMP server like Gmail’s etc.
Any help?

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Hi @OfirApps there are quite a few repls called ghost out there so I wasn’t able to find the one you mentioned however, if you are using Python, this might be a good place to start:

The thing is that if you do that, you have to have a Gmail account, and the email would come from

What @OfirApps is asking is how it is possible that the email shows that it was sent from which is a Replit domain.

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Thanks @LuisAFK I’ll be happy to dig deeper if @OfirApps can share a link to the code he is currently investigating.

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The ghost template in replit’s library


Any updates? @IanAtReplit

Hi @OfirApps attempting to connect with the user who created the template. I will reply when I have new info!

Just wanted to add that since this doesn’t seem to be implemented properly, the emails always end up in the spam folder. Because the domain that sends the email is not authorized by Replit or something weird. Someone explained it to me, but I can’t explain it.

The information I’ve gathered, with some help from @louzaoj, is that the email is sent by (the IP at the beginning changes), and that’s a VM in Google Compute Engine. But the weird thing is that if you open it up in a new tab and view the certificate, it’s signed by (there was another apart from global, but I forgot what it was).

So are the emails actually sent by Replit, or by Google?

Hi @OfirApps and @LuisAFK

I was just chatting with Connor about this and he mentioned that “…most email providers will probably think its very suspicious since you have to set up some extra stuff like DNS records to make the email more reputable”. The email is being sent by Ghost, via Google, as far as I am aware.

I recommend reading more about Ghost here.

I’ve done this with my Cheese Letter program I made.

I used Nodemailer direct transport to do the trick. It’s not really SMTP nor as secure, but works!

Here’s the Repl if you’re further interested in my approach: Repl

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