Self-destructing Repl

Many people have made Repls that delete the file that is being run, but I’ve never seen a Repl that deletes the entire Repl itself.

How to use:
Fork the Repl, and set the environmental variable SID to your connect.sid. Then run it, and the Repl you are running will get deleted. If you see the following error message, then it worked:

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How does that work?!?

It just does. Try reading the forked code before running the Repl and deleting it…

Also, what’s the SID that you need to connect it to?

Instructions on getting your connect.sid:

No, click on the “secrets” tab, and add a secret called SID, set it to your SID.

Also, I realized you gave away your connect.sid, don’t do that!
(You’re basically giving away access to your account to anyone who looks at your code now)

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I’ve been working for a while on making a repl that would write itself, unwrapping its own code into a larger file to be run. every time its run, its functionality would increase. It never happened though since i had the attention span of a pebble and never got any solidified progress

I think I could help you with that

OH MY GOD THE COURSE I TOOK IN ETHICAL HACKING WAS EFFECTIVE. two little nerves in my brain fired and sent a small signal saying that something about that was a bad idea.

What do you mean right now

I didn’t think that it was worth mentioning since i didn’t know if id be right or not.