Selenium Sometimes Does Not Work

Problem description:
While using Selenium, occasionally, it will stop working. Even if I press the :arrows_clockwise: Try Again button, it still doesn’t work. After reloading, running and stopping my repl, and typing kill 1 in the shell a few times, it eventually works, no idea why.
Here’s what happens:

Expected behavior:
Selenium works without any issues.

Actual behavior:
Selenium doesn’t work, even if I press :arrows_clockwise: Try Again.

I’ve been having the same issue with using noVNC as output for QEMU. It tends to work once but after that kill 1 (or if you’re lucky stopping and restarting the repl) is needed to get the output working again. I know it’s running because I can SSH to the VM that QEMU is running. It’s some Replit output issue. Using the link takes me to the familiar “There was an error connecting to the repl” page.

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