Seeking for help on : ” How to show my code result based on Web Page format by using replit”

Dear all:

I have one question on ” How to show my code result based on Web Page format by using replit”
my code is as below and please kindly correct my code if anything wrong ! thank you very much !

# 這個不用管它,我們是用html5代寫東西


next one is & :即為整個網頁設定的盒子(head設定的部分)

# " meta是告訴大家這個網頁是用什麼編碼來寫 "->所以是用utf-8來寫這個網頁 你的第一個網頁 # 的部分是你用瀏覽器打開的時候,上面標籤頁的文字

& 是內容的部分

Hello world
TO GOOGLE #首先a這個盒子->連到別的地方,特徵是href=“”(""是一個字串);我們要秀出文字(內容):TO GOOGLE(TO GOOGLE是超連結)!

This script places a badge on your repl’s full-browser view back to your repl’s cover
page. Try various colors for the theme: dark, light, red, orange, yellow, lime, green,
teal, blue, blurple, magenta, pink!

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Hi, please either provide a repl link or put 3 backticks around your code:

your code…

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thank you for your response ! my code is as bellow by using 3 backticks and there are 2 problems to run these codes !

  1. i create a hyperlink named " TO GOOGLE " through replit, but when i click on the hyperlink " TO GOOGLE " directly, the web page shows that the connection is denied

  2. my 2nd question is that i type 你的第一個網頁, but it actually doesn’t show the "你的第一個網頁(your first web page)"in my new tab !

  3. my 3rd question is that replit has the function of Webview , and i have no idea about how to open the chrome to view my codes results under the replit environment ! is there anything i missed ?

so would you please tell me how to modify the codes and make it work and thank you very much in advance !

Best Regards


<title>你的第一個網頁</title> <!-- <title>的部分是你用瀏覽器打開的時候,上面標籤頁的文字 -->

  <a href="">TO GOOGLE</a>

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  1. I think this may be because google doesn’t like being in an iframe, try opening your webpage in a new tab

  2. Where are you typing this content? Make sure it isn’t in a comment

  3. To open your website in chrome, just copy its URL, open a chrome tab and then paste the URL