Seeking Advice: Unjust Account Ban Affecting My Business

Hello Replit Community,

I am reaching out to this forum in the hope of gaining some insight or assistance regarding a recent issue I’ve encountered with my Replit account.

This is a new account I openned to send this message. My orginal account was a Replit Core account and I’m a paying customer.

9 hours ago, my account was suspended due to an accusation of “Hosting Phishing attacks on Replit.” I am confident that this is a misunderstanding, as I have always adhered to the community guidelines and used Replit solely for legitimate development purposes.

The suspension has put me in a difficult situation. I have several production apps critical to my business hosted on Replit. The sudden loss of access is not only affecting my ongoing projects but also posing a significant threat to my business operations.

I have already appealed to Replit’s team, suggesting that they suspend only the app they suspect, and restore access to the rest of my account so I can continue my work and access my source codes. However, I am yet to receive a response, and the urgency of my situation is growing.

I am posting here to seek advice from the community:

  1. Has anyone faced a similar situation, and how did you handle it?
  2. Are there specific channels or approaches within Replit I can use to expedite the appeal process?
  3. Any suggestions on alternative measures I can take to mitigate the impact on my business during this period?

I would appreciate any guidance or support you can offer. It’s a challenging time, and any help or insight from fellow developers who understand the platform well would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

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Hi @muhammetgoktur1 , welcome to the forums!
Please email, as mentioned in

If anyone believes a moderator has taken any unfair action towards them, they can appeal

Hope this helps!


Hi, Thank you for your advice. I have sent an email to the appeals address provided. However, I am in urgent need of a quicker resolution due to the critical impact this situation is having on my business.

I am not sure about the availability of 24/7 support for appeals at Replit or if their team operates only within the San Francisco time zone, which could further delay a response due to time differences.

Given these circumstances, I am reaching out to inquire if there is any way to expedite this process or if there are alternative contact methods that might yield a faster response. My business operations are significantly hindered, and every moment of delay is critical for me.

Any additional advice or assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

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Replit staff monitor the forum everyday. Apparently was changed (@not-ethan did it?) to a plain page saying to email to aforementioned appeals email.
I am sure that they will get back to you soon.

I have to clearify that my replit account has suspended. I’m not talking about forum account. I can’t access my repl’s and my deployments are stopped. Thank you. Also my help request number is : 4173

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I understand. Staff monitor the forum still, for bug reports or updates. There are moderators from the mainsite that are here (like @not-ethan , which is also a forum moderator).
Highly likely that a staff will see this and help you. As for now, the email is your best and only hope.

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Please be patient because it’s not during the work day in the us


Yep, original contact site was changed to “contact the appeals email”, same with Ask’s appeal site.

We have no other contact methods for appeals other than the appeals email. Since this is an account ban, community moderators, such as Ethan and myself, cannot help you further and you must wait for a Replit Team member to respond to your ticket.


Unfortunately, I still haven’t received any news or updates from Replit regarding my appeal. This ongoing silence is increasingly concerning, especially considering the significant impact on my business.

Does anyone know if Replit has a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) or a standard response time for handling such appeals? Understanding this might help me manage my expectations and plan accordingly.

Thanks again for your support and any guidance you can provide.

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The team usually respond in under a business week. Given it’s currently a Sunday in the US, you could probably expect to hear a response in the subsequent two days (after Sunday).

As previously stated, there is currently no way to ‘expedite’ the process, to my knowledge there is no Service Level Agreement. Unfortunately you’ve done all you can by emailing the team and can only wait to hear a response.

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