Seeing the Web View on my Students Repls

Hello. How do I see the web view from the repl URLs that students are turning in on our LMS? I can only see the code. I am a long-time teacher, but I am very, very brand new to Replit, coding, and Web Design. I could use some help. Thank you very much.

Hi @KristineRicci, welcome to Replit Ask!

Viewing generic repls from has been deprecated, and now the only way to view repls on the browser is if your students deploy their repls, which requires a credit card.

However, you can fork your students repls to view them.

Hi, @DaxCodes1 can they click on invite and copy the join link and upload the join link to our LMS? Would that work? Thank you

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Yes, they can do that. If you are in a repl in the workspace, you can run it, and if you get invited into a repl, you are inside the workspace.

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@DaxCodes1 so I should instruct my students to upload the join link. When I log in I can open their join links and should be able to see the Web View, correct? Thanks. I am so brand new to this and then they discontinued the Web View feature where I could see my students’ repls with just the URL. Let me know if my thought process is correct and I will be able to see the Web View if they share the join link with me. Thanks. I appreciate your help!


Yes, that is correct. Glad I was able to help!


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