Secrets doesn't appear in sidebar

Problem description:
Hi, my problem is about the sidebar tool section and not all the tools appear. The only tools that appear are: docs, chat, threads, packages, git, shell, webview, authentication, markdown and settings.

I am trying to create environment variables but i really cant find the secret section and apparently it’s in the tool section of the sidebar.

I’ve searched a lot and didn’t find anything that seems to work.

Expected behavior:

A sidebar full of tools like: debugger, console, secret, database, etc.

Actual behavior:
Only a few tools in the sidebar.

Steps to reproduce:
Just create an account and create a new project. For me, I can’t see all the tools.

Bug appears at this link:
No link but i’ve joint some images

I really dont think it’s any browser, OS nor device problem since i’ve tried it on other devices, os and browsers and i get the same problem.

sorry i forgot to join images:

What type of Repl are you using? Some Repls don’t have Secrets support.


Secrets aren’t available in all repls

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I literally just said that but okay I guess

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yes sorry i made a mistake, my friend just said to me that html/css didn’t support secrets.
Thank you for you reply :slight_smile:

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To explain further, front-end Repls like HTML, CSS & JS, don’t support secrets because there is no way of actually hiding these secrets. The browser can see everything no matter what, you could inspect element and be able to see ‘secrets’ on a front-end Repl. Only a back-end Repl can actually enable hiding secrets. :slight_smile:


ok thanks but how do websites hide secret constants ? Like tokens or secret-keys ?

You cannot hide anything on the front-end, anything that needs to be secret must be done server-side, or on the back-end.

and how do i do any of them ?

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I have the same question/problem…

I recommend using the flask template. Flask is a simple python backend, with a super easy session object the lets you store tokens and secrets per-user via cookie encryption. You should be able to use secrets on a flask repl.

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