Second File is not Running on Dart

Problem Description:
I am trying to run another dart file but when i press the run button it seems to only run the main.dart


You’ll need to configure the .replit file and the run field if you wish to run a different file :slightly_smiling_face:


Just type the run command in the shell.

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will you please elaborate? I did’t get you sir .

Here’s a video!

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Respected sir your respective video is not oepning …

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Why are you opening it in a Repl? Just open the link in your browser

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Same thing ,

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Still not openin’
Kindly send me the solution in some other formats

Unfortunately it is very hard to send videos on this forum, I will try to find another way

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Sir kindly mail me on this : **************************
if you find this comfortable

Try this:

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You can also use other things like loom. Though it is hard with the 5mb limit

Yeah I’m not a big fan of loom


Thank you , Thank you ,
Thank you so much Sir . :cherry_blossom:
God Bless You .
You solved my problem .
I appreciate your effort Sir.
May God bless you with Huge Success in Life .
Amen. :star:︎❀


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