Searching ReplDB

When searching a ReplDB with dictionaries inside of dictionaries, the results display as a list by letter instead of by word (I hope that makes sense). I was able to create a minimal Repl that reproduces my problem so that you don’t have to debug a large amount of code.

How can I get my expected result? I find this data structure for the DB very useful for my program but I can’t figure out why it puts each letter as its own item in the list.

Expected result of program:
['joe', 'steve']
Actual result:
['j', 'o', 'e', 's', 't', 'e', 'v', 'e']

Repl link: (I think you have to fork it for it to work since it’s a DB.)

from replit import db
db["test"] = {}
db["test"].update({"1":{"name":"joe"}, "2":{"name":"steve"}})
def search(numbers:list):
  results = []
  for result in numbers:
    results += db["test"][result]["name"]
  return results

That would probably break it. .append is how to add to a list in python, not += (try’s to treat list as a string afaik)


I always make such stupid mistakes. That fixed it. It also explains some problems I’ve had in other programs…
Thank you for your help!


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