Searching for technical co-founder

I am a non-technical Founder who is looking to build a recruitment solution using AI, so I can focus on other parts of the business. If interested let me know…

Hey @OmokolawoleLami welcome to the forums!

This would be good for a bounty

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Hey @not-ethan I don’t mind committing a bounty, but I am looking for a longer term relationship, do you think that’s something I can find on here?

Quite possibly. I’ve made friends here. Somebody may volunteer, but for sure if you’re around here enough and are liked by the community, people will start to make friends with you.

well I’m not versed in AI so I can’t help you out but I think a better solution is kinda just to make a post for each individual project/component so it’s more bite-sized since that’s what this community generally deals with