Searching for and adding packages

**Question:**I went to search for a package to install by clicking on the Package icon on the sidebar in the workspace. The packages window opened and noted " You don’t have any packages installed. Try searching for a package to install, or learn more about packages here." Yet, I do have numerous packages installed. Also, I submitted a search in the prompt for other packages and I get the following response: " No packages found". I also do not see the "“Add Package” icon noted at ( Any suggestions?

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AFAIK the package manager only counts packages you’ve installed with it.

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I restarted the repl and opened the packages manager. It does say I have packages installed. However, I cannot find the “Add Package” button and instead of using the shell to pip install packages, I would like to use the Replit systems so that it is in my packages manager. Any suggestions?

I highly recommend you just use the Shell. Replit’s package manager can be buggy.

Can you send a screenshot?

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I’d recommend you use poetry, as it’s one command to update all packages, and I generally find it easier to use.


Thanks! still new to coding and replit. So, I went to the pyproject.toml and noted under [tool.poetry.dependencies] the version of the package. I updated the individual package using the shell, again, which worked for the individual package. However, I cannot find explanation of how to update all packages as you noted. Can you point me to any instructions on how to do so?

You should just be able to run poetry update in the Shell tab, and it update your packages if possible. (Note that poetry’s “install” command is poetry add xyz)