Search other users' repls

Hi there! Please update this app with a feature: Search Other Replits made by other users


You can do this already by using the search bar on the web version. And we call them Repls :smile:


Quickly adding on jesse, you can search your own repls in the search thing at the top.

for your repls.

There is a button for “Search your repls” in the search bar.

I wanted to add on how you search yours because you probably made this because you couldn’t find it in your profile. Note that the little “Search repls” thing only works for other users. Otherwise, you have to use the search bar for yours.


I think he meant by adding the feature to the replit app

I understood, I was giving a workaround to go to replit web instead of the app, since the mobile app team is focused on software creation rather than consumption at the moment.