Search for [ENTER] with ctrl+F

Let us find and replace new paragraphs!

If you want to find and replace larger chunks of code across several lines, currently, it’s not super easy - with this, it could be!

I have a long term project and started it a while ago, before I knew you could declare globals separate by a comma - so I have like 500 lines of global statements when I really only need like 30… Currently this would be a huge hassle to fix, but if this feature was added, it would only take 5 minutes or so.

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just search for \n? That’s it, for example I think you can search for tabs by searching the ansi sequence \t… I think I don’t know if this all works, test it out and let me know :smiley:


ha yeah, that worked, thanks lol


lol you’re welcome Aqui…

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You can always search using RegEx to make more advanced searches, and even replacing with the matched content.


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