Search and Replace editing not reflected on WebView

I created a replit with a private project in HTML/CSS/JS. When I do a massive replacement (with search and replace tool) the files are updated correctly but if I play the site, the old versions are still rendered. I have to visit every single changed file and save again with ctrl-s to see the change in the webview. Is there a way to simplify this process?

Ctrl + s doesn’t actually save on Replit, it formats the file. Also, I’d recommend trying the Auto-Refresh HTML Template.


Thanks for suggestion, the Auto-Refresh HTML Template seems working. But now, with this template, i can’t access the website from the browser after playing it. With the internal WebView i can’t test the website changing locale.

I recommend NEVER relying on the webview as a reliable render of your website. I open stuff in a new tab because I have had so many bad experiences with the webview simply not reflecting what my program should do, even though opening in a new tab works just fine.


Thanks guys for the bootstrap. With a Auto-Refresh template, and choosing a brand new name for my repl all works good. :clap:


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