SDL Window Resizing

I made a simple header file (screen.h) as a high-level Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) API.
I have a main loop which draws pixels onto the screen, and checks for input events, such as window closing. I tried to also check for a window resize event, in which case the program should print a debug message to the console, i.e: Resize event detected!\n.

The reason I need to detect resize events is so I can update the display on the screen, which is a simple raymarching program (per-pixel 3d rendering).
The reason I did not post this as a bounty is because I feel that this is a minor problem, probably intrinsic to Replit’s window handling system.

Current behavior:
The program does not print the debug message, indicating that it did not detect the resize event.

Desired behavior:
The program prints the debug message, meaning it detects the screen resize.

Repl link (Opened to screen.h file, which defines the Screen class):

Thank you for helping.

Theory: the answer has something to do with the distinction between Replit (Fluxbox) window resizes and SDL window resizes.