Scss and PostCSS

Can you implement SCSS and PostCSS?

People can code more in different ways and techniques.

I saw youtube videos on PostCSS and Scss (sass), but I can’t do it in Replit.

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Hey @aidandu and welcome to the community!

I am quite certain that Sass (and maybe PostCSS) are on Replit, it just requires some configuration.

Here is a demo on how to use Sass in Replit.

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@lilchiky, thanks a lot.

Sorry for the late message, but I would let you know again that your help was greatly appreciated. I forked out your Replit example with Sass (scss). I am quite aware of how to get [file-name].scss, but I don’t know how to get it to source map it to the regular styles([file-name].css). It would be very helpful if you could show me how to. Again, please keep looking for PostCSS and if you find it, do show me a tutorial.

Thanks, @aidandu

thanks, if you can get PostCSS, pls let me know. In the mean time, thanks.


Hey @aidandu!

Unfortunately, I do not have much expertise in Sass, so I am not sure how to change the default source mapping.
To your second question, I will be working on a template that involves PostCSS.

Edit: I may or may not have found a example for PostCSS.

@Lilchiky via Replit Ask, huge thanks to you.

I am now able to code some more amazing projects thanks to you. :slight_smile:

thanks, @aidandu

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