Scrolling on iPad Air 13” Magic Keyboard trackpad is in the wrong direction

Problem description

When I try to scroll a pane (file list, code editor, etc.), to scroll top-to-bottom, I have to drag left-to-right instead of pushing up (bottom-to-top) as is the default for iOS apps.

Expected behavior

Scrolling should behave like the default scrolling on iPadOS, ex. Two-fingers sliding up on the trackpad should take be towards the bottom of the document.

Actual behavior

When doing the gestures for scrolling vertically, the windows scroll horizontally.
When doing the gestures for scrolling horizontally, the windows scroll vertically.

Steps to reproduce

Open any replit and try to scroll (slowly!!, if you try scrolling down quickly you’ll exit your replit).


Mobile App


iPad OS

Device if mobile

iPad Air 13” (M2) with Apple Magic Keyboard



Could you send a screenshot or screen record of the problem?

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I tried to get one but today the bug is not happening!! SO weird. I don’t there’s been an update since I posted this…

It might have been a bug with your iPad and not replit