Scratchattach doesn't work

I use the python scratchattach library to change cloud variables in a scratch project.

When I run this code from my computer, everything works correctly. But when I moved the code to Replit, scratchattach gives me this error:

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am trying to establish a connection with the cloud variables of this project:

Repl link:

Erm why can’t you just change it in the scratch project then re-upload it eith the turbowarp packager (I’m assumming you are using that)?

But when I pack the project, I won’t be able to publish it on the Scratch site.

Why can’t you post it?

It is impossible to publish a project with html files in Scratch.

Scratch banned Replit’s IP address so it can’t get information.
The cloud variables should work, so…
Maybe it’s because of you’re authentication method
Do this instead:

session = scratch3.Session("sessionId", username="username")
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How can I get a session Id?

Why can’t you add the cloud variables into the project ON SCRATCH, publish it, then pack it if you want a HTML version.

I don’t need the html version of the project. My Scratch project is published, but I can’t change cloud variables in it using Replit.

Then don’t use Replit. Use the Scratch editor. It’s easier to use.

Thanks! Now the project is working correctly!

Glad to help :slight_smile:

P.S. you marked your post as the solution, not mine :laughing:

Sorry! Accidentally pressed the wrong button :laughing:

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