Scratch... opinions, anyone?

What do you feel about Scratch? Feel free to elaborate in the comments!

  • It taught me a lot!
  • It taught me some stuff.
  • It taught me very little.
  • It taught me near to nothing.
  • I hate scratch so much I could sue the Scratch Team for being annoying
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umm… it taught me that browser-based IDEs shouldn’t be trusted.

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Dang. Replit must be mad at you right now

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I never once tried Scratch, and I am not willing to do so.
And I hate it because you can literally just bring scratch projects to replit and just say you made it without using scratch. And I hate these kind of creators.


I’ve never engaged with Scratch programming nor do I plan to in the future. The coding style doesn’t appeal to me, and frankly, I find it bland and uninteresting.


No option for having never used it so i just picked the bottom one

My personal opinion: better to start learning Computer programming with HTML, then move onto CSS, javascript, & Python (Flask/LAMP server) and/or PHP (LAMP/XAMPP server)

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It’s more like a young web developer’s guide.

It played a big role in getting me interested in coding, and so I owe it that. I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart as it was what sent me down the rabbit hole of coding, but it serves me no use now.

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I’m quite good at using scratch, and I use it sometimes to this day, but the moderation tho…

Just don’t click anything :upside_down_face:

yeah in hindsight that seems kinda obvious lol