Scrapping websites with .tv domain

When I am trying to scrap a website with .tv domain, It is throwing a error that states “Failed to establish a new connection”. When I scrap the website on my own PC, It works perfectly fine. I am using python with requests module.

I think there is something I need to enable in the project to resolve this issue. This issue is only with specific domains such as .tv, .dev, etc.

Could you give us a link to your repl?

Here’s the link: Repl

Its working finely on my end.

Do you know about anything on replit that could be blocking the website from being scraped on my end? This code works perfectly on my pc but on replit, it shows that error.

Could you send a screenshot of Replit?

Are you using firewalledreplit?

I don’t know if I am using it. Can you tell me how can I check it and also how to disable it?

Seems like there’s a seperate domain for replit called firewalledreplit. I am not using it.

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Well - I can’t find a reason why it shouldn’t work.

Even with proxies, It don’t work.

You probably need specific headers, like the ones you have in the browser when you access the website.

Headers also don’t fix this issue. Also, headers are not required when I am scraping it from my pc.

It works fine for me. Try running kill 1 in the shell.
Also, you are not printing out the response, you can use this code to do it:

import requests
response = requests.get(“”)
text = response.text
status = response.status_code

print(text, status)