Say no to deployments

Let me explain why i have such a problem with this. Most people have used repl-co for free site hosting. With all the stuff replit did already i doubt they will listen but we can always try. There used to be free domains like tk but scammers had to get those yeeted. Most of all is that they keep pushing and pushing the thing. The only good thing replit has done for us is the ai but god help me that ai is kinda bad. If this thing ends up happening then i will migrate things that i want to keep going to my site “”. Please reply saying “NO TO DEPLOYMENTS” to help spread the word and make replit keep the repl-co sites!


The reason Replit is making deployments is because they are losing money. They cannot keep a free hosting service up forever. Static deployments for static sites will soon be free though. Replit needs to transfer to deployments for dynamic sites, because they need the money.


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Actually, static deployments are completely free as long as your outbound transfer is below the limit; however currently requires a credit card, but that will be changed soon. Other forms of deployments are paid.

This is due to the fact that free web hosting is not sustainable for Replit, like @RedCoder has mentioned in the above post.


Oh, this changes everything. I understand.

Yes, I fell like people are very frustrated with Replit for shutting down this feature, but it really is impossible to keep up with millions using Replit as a coding IDE. Again, Static deployments are soon to be completely free (as long as you don’t exceed the limit of 10GB of outbound transfer) and autoscale can deployments can be as little as 19 compute units a second ($0.000024 a second) and a Reserved VM is $7 a month, at the baseline. Remember, autoscale and reserved VM require the Core plan, but it is hinted that more (and most likely cheaper!) plans are soon to come, and they will most likely have some amount of deployment credits available for usage per month.

@anon7028721 Also, if my above post helped, please mark it as a solution so that future programmers who stumble upon this post may know what the updated solution is.

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How is that even a solution to keeping links, it’s just an explanation to why they can’t.

Anyway, General doesn’t allow solutions unless it has a specific tag.

Yes, but @anon7028721 now understands why Replit has done this, after my explanation.


Yeah but that’s not a solution. That’s not Replit keeping

And replit-deployments is not one of them.

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Deploying a simple funni website feels so bulky and intensive. Also takes really long.

They said that at least a month ago…

Since the changes are happening January 1st. I am assuming the Static deployments being free will also happen on this day.

They’ve already executed like half of them though. You can’t even hook up a Custom Domain without deploying, which would be fine if you could actually deploy websites without having to pay.

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It does.

Wait, WHAT?

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I’ve found Replit’s reliability to be going down the drain, and a lot of their promises are being broken without a glance.


Update: i forgot what static sites were, also i am moving to a new account named @oopsthisisreal

I mean i forgot what they were when i made the post, i know what they are now