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Hey y’all. It’s PianoMan0. I’ve been on Replit for about half a year, and it’s been so amazing. I’ve met so many people, coded many websites, and just joined an amazing community. You know that feeling when you join a community? You suddenly have so many friends. I love it.

But I might not be able to be here much longer.

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was leaving Replit. Why? I never really told anyone. Anyone who has made a collab with me knows that I use something called Firewalled Replit.

Firewalled Replit is basically Replit, only you can’t do as many things. I don’t have a following feed, I can’t view projects, I can’t search, or even view bounties, and much more.

But my worst part is that I can’t do collabs with people. You may be thinking, I did a collab with you just fine, but that’s because of a glitch in Replit. And Replit has now fixed that glitch.

I no longer has access to my collabs. @-Abuse-, @pollitosd, and anyone else who made or is making a collab with me, I’m really sorry. But I can’t work on that with you anymore. Unless…

The reason that I can’t use Replit is parental controls. My dad has placed a LOT of controls on my computer, my phone (that’s not really a phone, I can’t call people) and the family tablet. He has no reason to do this, I haven’t really done anything especially bad with technology.

Ok I get it. Parental controls are normal. But here’s the thing. I’ve spent hours upon hours coding these projects and now I no longer have access to them. My dad took away the right to my work.

But guess what y’all? I’m going to pull a Taylor Swift. I will get my work back. Write your username and a quick message in the comments below and once I get enough I will show it all to my dad. I wanted to make a comment box in the repl lol but it didn’t work out.

And if that’s not enough, I will give you his username right here. Wow, I’m evil. If I end up doing that, don’t do anything too bad, just ping him or something.

Thank you so much for reading this. Y’all are my best friends. I am determined to be active on Replit.

No matter what.



Unless there dad literally installed iOS on there computer, there is probably a way to bypass the restrictions.

Where? I can’t find it lol

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I think that’s it lol. But I’m p sure if his dad doesn’t even trust him, he’s not gonna trust some random internet people


Unless their dad literally installed iOS on their computer* lol


@PianoMan0 I have seen you around the community a lot, and as a fellow 13-year-old, I understand the restrictions one’s parents can place, and how frustrating they could be. For me, I feel like there is probably a reason why he won’t let you do those things. :wink: Now, I know I am probably not saying what you want to hear, but you need to respect your dad’s wishes. Just sit down with him and ask, “Why can I not use Replit?” or “What are your concerns?” Then, once he voices himself to you, show him your side. Show him how important this community is to you (even with egress limits :rofl:). Hope this helps. :smiley:

EDIT: this is what I put in the repl :smiley: