Same command works in shell but not in console?

I have this repl here:
It is a code of the site that is up and running elsewhere, so I know it works.

I am trying to run it on Replit and I can only do it once which is not the expected result.
I can run the “yarn dev” command that runs the server in shell, that’s good, but does not show the code in the Webview window, so I have no idea where it is running.

But I can not Run the Replit itself.
I either get “Error: Tina Dev server is already in use” if it already started in in shell.
Or I get "error An unexpected error occurred: “Unknown system error -122: Unknown system error -122, mkdir ‘/tmp/yarn–1698503705770-0.4535690485545629’”.

Not sure how to overcome this. Any ideas?

When you run yarn dev in the shell, it starts the repl in a way that replit doesn’t know about. Tina Dev server is already in use indicates that the server is already running, so stop the yarn dev process in the shell and then press Run.

Well, yes.
Except to run yarn dev in the shell is the only way to run it.
Just pressing Run gives this: “Unknown system error -122: Unknown system error -122, mkdir ‘/tmp/yarn–1698503705770-0.4535690485545629’”.

I am currently debugging your repl—wait, its 1.8 GB?

An update: it worked most of the day after a night of being paused.
And now it is not working any more.

I have no idea how big it would be or what should be causing the size.
This should be a very simple site.

Same -122 error? Maybe run in Shell

rm -r /tmp/yarn--*

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to show the scratch disk limits anymore but those are the limits you’re exceeding (2GiB per repl)

Ow, Replit Storage strikes again!

Yes, it was the same Unknown system error -122
Now that I abandoned that repit for about 4 hours the Run command works again.

So, verifying if that rm command would help is a bit postponed for now.