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Ive decided to buy the Hacker plan as my Computer wasnt enough good to work on a rust project. So i bought the plan today and tried to run a discord bot with rust using the serenity library, it turns out that 1GB is so low, that it cant even download the library to get the bot in work. I read that there isnt any ways to get more storage but i only have 1 repl at all. I am looking for a solution or either for a refund.
Please inform me in any way


Welcome to the community! So sorry to come at you like this right after joining but you need to jump ship if you need resources. Replit recently made it so that the resources cost like … an arm and a leg

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:frowning: I literally need just a bit more storage :frowning:

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See if the storage used decreases when you add to Cargo.toml

opt-level = "z"

Yeah @UMARismyname has a probable solution but other than that you would need to start paying for some more “boosts” (press the little like part of the tab where there’s the name of the project and you can increase your boost)

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The hacker plan gives you only one 4x boosted Repl; so, your computer may still be your best bet. And even a low-end Chromebook or a tablet gives you more than 1gb of storage. I don’t know exactly what the specs are on the Replit virtual allocations of computer, but I assure you it is very low unless you pay lots of money for it.

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it’s not low, replit just forces you to pay to access it

Thank you for the answers but i dont think boosting increases storage in any way tho…

thank you! i will try that.

i am afraid this also doesnt work

Yeah they recently like 1/5th the storage :confused:

Hey @hayubiw, welcome to the community!

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