Running second File of Dart on Replit

Hello ,
I am trying to run another dart file but when i press the run button it seems to only run the main.dart

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Hey @faisfar01, welcome to the forums!

To run a different file in python you need to edit the .replit file. To edit it you will need to click the three buttons on the workspace and scroll down until you find the .replit file!

This is not working and I’m askin’ about Dart language, not about Python.

Sorry, I meant a dart file. Which file are you trying to run? Could you provide me the name of the file and the name of the folder/s if it is in any!

This is very simple, I wanna ask you why I did not Run my second file on Debug/Console on Replit … 'cause after my first file which is main.dart I can’t run my Debug for the second file.

You can only run one file at once

Yes , exactly i know that bro but after completing my 1st File i wanna code for 2nd file but i need some response from Debug for 2nd file to confirm that my respective code for 2nd file is right or wrong.
But Debug always show the response of 1st File .

Now tell me how can i run my Debug for my 2nd file.

Like @hugoondev said, just go in the .replit file and change the entrypoint to your other dart file.