Running python code in web does not terminate

(New user to replit)

I submitted a python command (Hello World) using the ‘Run’ button. The string prints out in the console, but it does not appear to terminate: ‘Stop’ button continues to appear at the top and the timer in the console continues to count up, until I hit the ‘Stop’ button.

Is there something else I need to do or is this the expected behavior?

print("Hello World")

Hello, this was an intended feature in old repls such as those in the 100 Days course. It allows a user to type in the console and interact with their program after the program ends, but it means you have to click Stop to terminate the program.
To disable this functionality, copy and paste (Ctrl Shift V) this command into the Shell:

sed -Ei 's/^(\s*)"-i"/\1# "-i"/' .replit

Thanks! Makes sense.

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