"running new code issue in replit mobile"

Whenever I open NEW HMLT (or any file) and put some new codes into it then RUN it, WHY DO IT ALWAYS DISPLAY the contents of the DEFAULT “index.html” file NOT the contents of my NEW html file???

Can someone help me please???

Unlike the others mobile IDE’S, whenever i switch to new HTML FILE and RUN it, it will quickly show the contents of THAT NEW HTML FILE that i RAN.

HTML files on Replit run on index.html


Tell me if this works!

Or in the webview, copy your url, go into a new tab, and append /new.html to the end of the url
Remember to replace “new.html” with the name of your new file.


The way your browser works is it makes a GET request to the url you’re attempting to access. If that url is a directory (which it is in your case), then it will by default search for anindex.html file. This isn’t Replit specific, this is actually to do with how browsers work. You should either change the contents of index.html, or access the othurl HTML fibres by specifying their path in the url as @python660 suggested.


This doesn’t work due to the way browsers work. See Matt’s post


Thank you @python660!!! This method work!!! All i need is to add the new file at the end of the URL!!!

@python660 method work! Thank you bro’s!

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