Running My Repl Triggers Antivirus Software

When I run my Repl to test it, it triggers my Antivirus software. I’m tempted to just turn off the antivirus software, but I’m a bit concerned. I can’t figure out where the “threat” could be coming from any repeated searches aren’t helping. I can’t even figure out why my Repl would be linking to this site.

My Repl is currently set to private but if necessary I could change it.

I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you.

code snippet

Hi @wstapleton , welcome to the fprums!
This is most likely your firewall blocking this site as they detect it as harmful. Tbh, the new url looks somewhat malicious.
Hope this helps!

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Hi, Nate! Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I know it’s my firewall blocking it, and it indeed looks malicious. I’m just trying to get some additional information on why my Repl is trying to connect to this site. Need to know whether it’s actually harmful before I unblock.


Hi @wstapleton ! It shouldn’t be malicious since it’s your website that you made.
Hope this helps!

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Yep, I’m aware that it shouldn’t be malicious! But nowhere in my app have I linked to this url, so I’m confused about its provenance. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it!

Hi @wstapleton !
This is the new url that will exist on Replit-made websites, as sites are being removed.

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The same thing happened to me. What should I do? The thing is, it was working fine yesterday, but today, it started blocking it.

Hi @austinsagers , welcome to the forums!
You should unblock it (if you can) or ignore the warning and proceed (there might be something to click to proceed (I have seen it before) or mark the site as safe).
Hope this helps!

This may happen because of the introduction of

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thank ya’ll so much, i really needed this. It did work.

Just to add some clarification, is the random URL your Repl was assigned. /__replco/devtools_wrapper.html enables Replit’s devtools (the wrench icon) for the webview in the Replit editor. There is nothing malicious, however the URL likely matches (is similar to) URLs previously found to be malicious.