Running my code

Problem description

Even the simplest or tiniest programs, if I run it, the terminal just starts loading but Never does anything. I restarted replit, cleared my cash, restarted my computer.
This problem has been consistently happening for a week now, I can code 2 hours and then it starts acting up again…

Expected behavior

Should just run my code without a problem

Actual behavior

loads but never does anything. The run code button says “Working” and it stays like that for as long as I wait.

Look at the time my code has been running above my console, 5 minutes and still nothing is happening

Steps to reproduce

run any simple piece of code a couple of times, I did import db, datetime, time, random, os,


microsoft edge


windows 10

Device if mobile



free tier

Please upload screenshots

As a temporary fix, you could run kill 1 in the Shell. Are you using exit() by chance anywhere in your code? It’s known to cause problems with the older interpreter that 100DoC uses.

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Hi there. I forked your Repl and it seems like it’s running fine. It also looks live you’ve moved on to Day 73, but let us know if you’re still having issues.

They’re using quit(), you can see it in the screenshot.

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