Running multiple services in replit


I’d like to get GitHub - scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-2: Open source forkable Ethereum dev stack to run in a replit, it typically runs with a few separate services running

  1. a mock blockchain ( that you can run in a shell command) and deploy other smart contracts to it through a separate shell command
  2. a webui that communicates with the blockchain.

running the services seem to work separately but I’ve been having a hard time getting them to communicate. I tried a curl command against the mock blockchain in a separate shell command that worked, but the webui fails to communicate to the mock blockchain and its localhost port.
How can I configure replit so that running the webui in the console can still communicate with the services ran in the shell commands?

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Can you send the link to your Repl?

You can’t use localhost with Replit.


thanks for the response, this is late but

here is the link you can see running yarn chain on a shell command and then running the webui on run

That Repl is private.

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is publishing it the correct step in this review process?
I wasn’t sure how asking for help worked in this process but here it is

You don’t have to publish it, you just have to make it public so we can see it. We’re not Replit Staff, we can’t view your private Repls.

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this might help :man_shrugging:: Configuring Repl | ports