Running flask in new tab


My flask app runs in the Webview but I can’t open it in the browser. I’ve tried atleast 20 different times and the web app was able to load in a new tab once. Can anyone help me figure out why this is the case?


please send the repl link

It is a private replit because it has my open ai api key

well, someone else said is really slow lately, so just wait i guess

That’s frustrating. I signed up for the $7 monthly plan and now I keep running into errors.

If you want to hide variables like that, then you can use environment variables. If you go into Tools → Secrets, then you can add environment variables. Nobody but the owner of the repl can see these. And then to access them in your code you do this:

import os


This way it stays hidden and then you can share the repl so someone can look at it.

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The URL to open the Repl can be shared. To copy it, click on the URL in the webview and then either right-click that and select “copy” or else use the universal keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to copy the url (after selecting it of course). The Repl URL should be (that is an example and not a real URL). I’ve also seen two hyphens used instead of the first period in the URL. Either one should work.